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puzzle-piecesWe recently upgraded a shopping cart from X-Cart version 4.4.5 to 4.7.6. After you install X-Cart, you’ll want a better template than the one that ships with it. It’s ok, but there are many aspects that are not optimized for the needs of today’s shopper.

For approximately two months, we used a slightly customized version of the Light Responsive template that is included with X-Cart Classic. I liked a few features of it. But even after two months, it was showing its age.┬áThe obvious best choice was XCartMods’ Ultra Template. It is now installed and I’ve been using it for about one week. Here is what I think about it.

First, it has many built in features which significantly enhance X-Cart itself, so much so that you can say that Ultra is a lot more than just a template.

  1. Search. Try doing a search with Light Responsive. This is called a dumb search. With Ultra, the user gets instant popup results as-you-type that are highly relevant.
  2. Super configurable. Ultra has one file that controls almost every aspect of the template. It’s easy to change a setting, see how it looks, and change it back if you don’t like it.
  3. Includes a testimonials modules free. This will save you from buying the module from X-Cart.
  4. For years I have wanted to add tooltips to give customers assistance with certain areas of the cart. The Glossary feature allows you to add a popup box when a user rolls or touches to a word you define.
  5. You like your site to be SEO? One of the most powerful, recent developments is having a site with Google’s structured data. Ultra allows your site to include that data.
  6. On your product pages, Ultra allows you to put videos, download links, and FAQs in a structured, organized way. In the past, my product pages always had each of those three, but sort of strewn around the detailed description.

The installation went very smoothly. I opted to hire the developer of Ultra, Phil Jones, to install it. I figured he could fix any issues that came up immediately, and he did so.

It looks like the developer will continue to improve the template with feature requests. One added feature I think is needed is to have a compact and full version of the layout that the store manager could choose. This would be similar to Gmail’s multiple view settings.


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