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Avoid duplicate content.

Don’t make evil twins in your shopping cart content.

As of this writing, the current version 4.7.6 of X-Cart will cause you to get a duplicate content penalty by Google’s search engine algorithm. And that means that you will rank lower than you should for many of your product pages, costing you traffic and sales.

Do this simple test and you will see what I mean. In the admin interface, on your product management page for a product, find a product for which you have created a meta description tag. If you haven’t created a meta description tag for a product, then just add it for one of your products.

Wait until Google indexes that product page. This could take anywhere from hours to weeks, depending on your site’s Pagerank. You will be able to determine when Google has indexed your newly changed product page simply by enclosing in quotes the meta description tag that you added, and searching that on Google.

Once Google has indexed that product page, search with quotes that meta description tag. Look at the results. You will see that meta description tag in the snippets for many different results on the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Google does not like that!

The solution that X-Cart is missing is the link rel=”canonical” tag. It should be added to every subordinate, duplicate page of the primary product page. X-Cart does not do that correctly, as you have just proven with your test.

The solution that you need is one product: CDSEO Pro. Install it and the canonical tags will automatically be created properly for you.

Because we have an excellent relationship with the developer, we can offer an excellent discount by buying here. Your purchase is protected by PayPal’s buyer guarantee.

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Wondering about upgrades?
Q: If I buy CDSEO now for X-Cart v. 4.7.6, then upgrade to a newer version of X-Cart, will there be a cost to get the compatible version of CDSEO?
A: Upgrades are free for 3 months. The CDSEO upgrade cost beyond that is just $35, and will allow you to easily migrate your SEO information from one version to the next to maintain rankings.


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