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Here’s a beauty: Cart2Cart. It’s almost too good to be true. As you know I am right now in the process of moving my store from VirtueMart to X-Cart Gold. The database for my webstore on VirtueMart has about 50 tables and tens of thousands of rows.

I’m a true believer in delegation and leverage, which is the only way to get your business to scale up larger and faster than doing everything yourself. So, I interviewed all of the top X-Cart partners. Rates in the USA ranged from $65 to $125 per hour for the database transfer. (cough)

I even created a project on oDesk:

If you are seeing this project, it means I have specially selected and invited you to apply. Your qualifications include:
  •  X-Cart and MySQL expert
  •  understanding of Joomla and X-Cart db structure
  •  At least 4 English proficiency
I  am looking to hire an expert X-Cart ("XC") expert to transfer my store  db from VirtueMart to a new XC Gold install. Detailed instructions are  attached.
Ideally, I am looking for a long-term "partner" who can modify the template on an ongoing basis.
Of course, we're already into the peak selling season, but I'd sure like to get up and running ASAP.
Candidate requirements:
1. You can begin immediately (tomorrow).
2. You can work at least 30 hours per week until the template customization is complete.
3. Reply with URLs of examples (portfolio) of X-Cart shops that you have installed and modified.
4. Honesty
5. Cooperative team worker
Please confirm your interest ASAP and reply with #3. Thank you.

I got lots of replies, so I was ready to jump in and hire someone, give them cPanel and ftp access, etc. Then, I stumbled onto Cart2Cart, which does the work for you, automatically from their website. The price varies according to the size of your database. Incredibly, it was only $79 for me to do it, and another $59 if I hire them to manage the entire process.

See…it pays to do research!

Next up: a review on whether it actually works…


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